Vehicle registration schemes for the motor trade

Source: GOV.UK

1 Overview
2 Non-secure registration scheme
3 Secure registration scheme
4 Automated First Registration and Licensing system
  • 1. Overview

    There are 3 vehicle registration schemes for the motor trade. They are:

    • the non-secure registration scheme
    • the secure registration scheme
    • the Automated First Registration and Licensing (AFRL) system

    You can use these schemes if you’re a:

    • vehicle manufacturer
    • sole or multiple import concessionaire
    • VAT-registered motor vehicle trader

    Using the schemes

    When you apply to use the secure registration scheme, your application is assessed by the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). You’ll have to answer a questionnaire designed to test your knowledge of the vehicle registration process.

    When you first start registering vehicles, you have to use the non-secure scheme. The other 2 schemes are designed to speed up the vehicle registration process.

    You can apply to the secure scheme when you’ve been using the non-secure scheme without irregularities or issues for 6 months.

    You need to have used the secure scheme for 3 months first if you want to use the AFRL scheme.

    The Vehicle Register

    This is maintained by DVLA. It’s based on the information provided on the V55 registration form or by the AFRL system.

  • 2. Non-secure registration scheme

    This involves completing the V55/4 form and send one of the following documents to DVLA Swansea, SA99 1BE:

    • a valid ‘CoC’ (certificate of conformity)
    • the correct vehicle type approval certificate
    • a Vehicle Certification Agency certificate of British National Type Approval (goods vehicles and mutual recognition)

    Send the documents along with:

    • the registration fee
    • the licence fee
    • the appropriate customs form for an imported vehicle
    • a certificate of newness (if applicable)
    • approved identity documents confirming your name and address
    • a foreign registration document (for used, imported vehicles)

    You can order form V55/4 by faxing 01792 783525.

    You can only apply to use the secure registration scheme after you’ve been using the non-secure scheme without irregularities or issues for 12 months.

  • 3. Secure registration scheme

    When your company has been approved to use this scheme, some of the documentation needed for the non-secure scheme is no longer required.

    Instead, you complete the registration process by transferring the data from one of the following onto the V55/1 or V55/2 form:

    • European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certificate
    • National Small Series Type Approval Certificate
    • Goods Vehicle National Type Approval Certificate

    You register vehicles by sending the following to DVLA Swansea, SA99 1BE:

    • a completed V55/1 or V55/2 form
    • the registration fee and the fee to tax a vehicle

    There’s no need to provide evidence of newness with your V55/1 or V55/2 form.

    Contact one of the following trade associations to get a V55/1 or V55/2 form:

    • Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
    • Motor Cycle Industry Association
    • Agricultural Engineers Association

    Or write to:

    The Requisition Section Stores
    D Basement
    SA6 7JL

    You can also order the forms by faxing 01792 783525.

    Modified vehicles

    Vehicles modified before registration - eg with different wheels, tyres or a silencer - may need a:

    • Single Vehicle Approval inspection
    • Individual Vehicle Approval inspection
    • Motorcycle Vehicle Approval inspection
    • further type approval work

    These vehicles then need to be registered using the non-secure system with one of the above certificates.

    Vehicles modified through the multi-stage build process and then type approved, or those using the enhancement scheme, can be registered using the secure registration scheme.

    How to apply

    Email secureformsscheme@dvla.gsi.gov.uk to apply.

    They will send you an application pack and guidance notes.

    When you’ve used the secure registration scheme for 3 months, you can apply to join the Automated First Registration and Licensing (AFRL) system.

  • 4. Automated First Registration and Licensing system

    The Automated First Registration and Licensing (AFRL) system is a web-based version of the secure registration scheme and it can save you time if you decide to join it.

    You must be approved to register vehicles via the secure forms route (eg, using forms V55/1 or V55/2) to register on AFRL.

    DVLA staff will provide initial training in the system and there’s also a helpdesk that operates from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

    Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) control check arrangements

    You still need to maintain the same paper records you needed for the secure registration system before you transferred to the AFRL system.

    These could include:

    • V55 document security (when used as back up for printer or computer failure or other registration purposes)
    • derogation forms from potential new vehicle suppliers
    • spot check records

    The DVLA or VCA may visit you to make sure control checks and security systems are being maintained.

    How to apply

    Email afrl@dvla.gsi.gov.uk if you register your vehicles on forms V55/1 or V55/2.

    Email secureformsscheme@dvla.gsi.gov.uk if:

    • you register your vehicles on form V55/4
    • you want to register for the secure registration scheme before joining the AFRL system

Last updated: 16 June 2015